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It’s super expensive and DBT requires months — sometimes years — of dedication. One woman’s story of living and loving with borderline personality disorder. Rather than filling the role of caretaker for your partner, you should encourage them to take responsibility and accountability for themselves and their actions. Encouraging responsibility can even strengthen a relationship. Your partner needs to be committed to healing and improving themselves.

I’ve been keeping a journal on my thoughts and I have worked out through this reflection that she is somewhere on the spectrum. There have been signs and things she has done that allowed me to piece this together in retrospect and reflection. She cheated on my with a co-worker who she idealizes and he was enough of an ass to use her for sex in a situation in SeniorFriendFinder which she was vulnerable. I haven’t talked to her in over a week, and I won’t talk to her until I am better able to process all of this. I’m fully committed to getting what I want out of the relationship at this point and I will be strong in that regard. I’m working on what she needs to do to be forgiven, and if these things aren’t met I will leave her.

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I ended up with people that had drug addictions, narcissists, criminals, and the list goes on. I was physically attracted to these guys, and thought that it was important for me to get the most life experience possible. My thinking was completely flawed, but I had nothing to counteract these thoughts.

If you’re on eggshells due to constant high drama, your partner may have BPD.

I dunno if she really have BPD, just a friend of her, who is a doctor, told me the other day I might need to check this out. But I simply feel like she is easy to be triggered to the point that is not even making sense at all. I live with my BPD girlfriend (that I diagnosed all by myself, with no education or training that would qualify to make such a diagnosis…) and I am having some trouble. It’s perfectly fine to start a new life, everything fresh. But don’t be so quick to rush into a relationship.

The truth is that there are times when I push my partner away and other times when I adore him. As a man who comes from a world of borderline personality disorder, having family members and several girlfriends with BPD, I think I’m a bit qualified to talk about my experiences. All went fine for a couple of sessions. Then just when Maria was formulating a realistic plan for leaving, she suddenly developed a fear of driving across bridges without someone in the car with her.

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Learn more about the complex blend of factors that cause BPD. Borderline personality disorder is a misunderstood condition. We’re here to bust seven common myths and reveal the truth. Navigating a relationship when one of you has BPD, and the other does not, can be challenging at times.

We slept together the first night I met her. She said she loved me within two weeks. Right away she told me about sexual trauma at a young age which she blamed her mother for. Her father was non-existent emotionally. She said her siblings were drug addicts and compulsive liars.

So, I just refuse to date women who are into alcohol and partying hard and all that. It’s just not worth the trouble that alcohol can bring. She has dated guys but just in cycle there are up phases then she completely walks away without no information. I may have mentioned it before but I’m going to say it again. Those of us in this kind of life are lucky to have this forum.

If you back down in the face of your loved one’s rage or abuse, you’ll only be reinforcing their negative behavior and the cycle will continue. But, remaining firm and standing by your decisions can be empowering to you, benefit your loved one, and ultimately transform your relationship. Maintaining a relationship with a friend or family member with BPD can be difficult. Almost every relationship I’ve had that began with an instant physical attraction turned out to be with a cluster B personality. All of the healthy relationships we were friends/acquaintances long enough for them to get to know me well before they expressed an attraction. At Bridges to Recovery, we specialize in diagnosing and treating psychiatric and emotional issues such as borderline personality disorder.