But I’m not sure that having joint custody will solve the problem in the way that you think it will. If the lawyer tells you that you have nothing to worry about, it will take the weight of the world off your shoulders! If the lawyer tells you that you DO have something to worry about s/he can also tell you what you can start doing right now to lessen the impact of whatever recordings and photos your ex’s baby mama may have. That, too, can be absolutely invaluable information. It can help you start to repair whatever damage may have been done by talking to your ex’s baby mama.

What to do (and what not do) while dating during a custody battle?

So, you must ignore any red flags in your relationship. If you think it is not long-term, why let your child get attached to your new partner. Agree or not, there would be a time when your gut feeling will tell you that it is not the right time to make your child meet your new girlfriend/boyfriend. If you’ve established a stable relationship with your new partner, you can introduce your child to him/her. Yes, not just meeting their financial needs; you should get yourself involved in the life of your child also at an emotional level. You can begin to date once you are legally separated.

Family are being torn apart every single day and we have to Stop this from ruining the lives of many well-deserving children. Stand together and Vote against unfair court system..Unfair CHILD PROTECTIVE SYSTEM… Vote for a change in your Next ELECTION.. If you want to take a trip, unless your ex consents, it must be solely during your parenting time. If your ex doesn’t pay support, deal with that throughcontempt of court, not by denying him parenting time. If your ex is late for an exchange, the parenting time is not forfeit – instead, your ex has to make other arrangements to pick up the children. We discussed in a blog post whether aparent has a first amendment right to badmouth the other parent.

Olivia Wilde claims ex Jason Sudeikis is trying to ‘litigate her into debt’ amid custody battle

No innocent parent should be kept from their child/children like this and no parent making false claims like this should get away with it. There should be stricter laws against it. My husband and I are being falsely accused and my parents and ex in laws are trying to take custody of 5 of my 6 children. They even brought my husbands very angry ex wife into the custody battle. My children’s das committed suicide 2 years ago.

The courts excuse is that they believe “WE ALL” lie to the court there for they believe nothing…. Same thing happened to me & my son who is 10 & is now suffering at the hands of my narcissist ex boyfriend. I want to sue them as well for what they’ve done to my son, me & my family. He is so fragile, these people are fucking monsters. There needs to be done law in place to protect people.

The main reason being that, the court does not simply want to pull one parent out of the life of the child unless he or she presents a danger to the child. The last reason a mother can lose custody of her child or children is by not being the primary caretaker or not being involved in her children’s lives prior to the divorce or custody hearing. This means you must know minute details about their school, teachers, extracurricular activities, health, hobbies, and the like. You must be intimately involved in your child or children’s lives and you must be able to demonstrate this in court. Frequently leaving your child in the custody of a babysitter, family member or friend when you are supposed to have visitation and spending time with the child could reflect negatively on you. The courts want you to spend your free time with the child.

The Right People can Help you Achieve Sole Custody over your Children

Not only are these important for the children’s memories, but you will come across as unreasonable. Taking your custody battle to court might also mean subjecting your child to scrutiny. Judges sometimes allow parents to offer a statement from the child if they believe the child is mature enough to understand the process. In that situation, the judge will probably interview the child in camera, which means in the judge’s office. Typically, the judge will neither allow parents in the interview room nor disclose what the child says.

Just a messed up situation we don’t deserve. I have been a good father and I love that little girl. My child’s father dismissed our custody case right before we had trial last time he took me. I had written up a parenting plan and this page we went and had it notarized the same day after dismissing the case. Hi, I am so overwhelmed by all the stories I read! I am going thru the same as my daughters father is stating that because of my job, I can’t be a good parent!

Wife falsely accused husband of being abusive despite taking full care of her and a child, not sure how to defend the false allegations to gain custody of the child. Can any one suggest how to refute such false claims. This is the reason why I am here at this proceeding. To put an end to any ties that would legally bind me to them. I wish for them to be adopted by their stepdad making him their dad.

Alienating any of them can come back and bite you later. Remember, you get more flies with honey than with vinegar. False allegations of abuse will make the judge question your credibility on every other issue. They will show the judge that you are more concerned about “winning” then you are about doing what is right, or best for your kids.

Put your best foot forward with everyone in the court system.

The other parent has the “first right” to the kids during that time. Related to schooling concerns, clearly define childcare within your custody agreement if the child is not yet school age, or requires before or after-school care. Where will the child attend preschool or daycare?

The other parent is a narcissist, evil, an abuser, etc – why is it bad co-parenting to fight back? I have had multiple cases where a custody evaluator found domestic abuse by one parent, but then “dinged” the victim spouse for bitterness and hatred, and for alienating the children from the abuser. A companion article offers tips for being a good co-parent, addressing the “positive” side of the equation – what steps you can take to help your custody case. This article focuses on the opposite – avoid the negative acts that will peg you as a bad co-parent in the eyes of the family law judge. Even if they feel “right” at the time, just don’t do it.